200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

YOGA Teacher Training and Learning Intensive 2017

PROUDLY CO-Hosted by No limits Hot yoga & the yoga loft

Yoga Learning Intensive & Teacher Training 2017

Interested in learning to teach? Or looking to deepen your understanding of all aspects of yoga? We are once again collaborating with Todd Inouye to offer a unique program that will first deepen your connection to practice, and then layer on the skills you need to teach if you are interested in sharing your love of practice with others.
Our 2017 program is specifically designed to ensure you have a variety of learning options depending on your available time, desire to learn, and cost considerations. Once again we are offering the option to enroll for the FULL 200 Hour Teacher Training OR to just study the first 3 components in an intensive Immersion program. Not sure what you want to commit to? Start with Immersion One and pay for one segment at a time!
Graduates of our previous teacher training sessions with Todd include Yoga Loft teachers Yvette Lehmann, Johnathan Ikebuchi, Lucas Hampel, Mariko Shirato and Michelle Merry.

Q + A Wednesday January 18 7:30-8:30pm Join us on Wednesday January 18 from 7:30-8:30pm online on the Zoom platform for a Q and A and to meet Todd. As the training draws near this is the perfect chance to meet him and to ask us questions about the training, payment process etc. For more info- to save your space and get the link to join us- CLICK HERE

NOTE: watch for further details about our additional Hot Yoga teacher training module, to be offering in Fall 2017 in partnership with No Limits Fitness Hot Yoga.

cost information - click here
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*after you receive the results of the review of your application, we will provide the password for this protected page. Only attending the Progression Sessions? Registration will open early 2017.

Applications are now being accepted. To go to the Application Information Page CLICK HERE

DEADLINE for application submission: April 1, 2017. Please note however that there are limited spots for the program, applications are reviewed on a first come first served basis, and some of our payment plans begin as early as November. Application must be accompanied by payment of the $100 application fee. Full details can be found by CLICKING HERE

Once you are accepted into the program, you will need to choose a payment option and secure your spot with payment and payment plans. It’s also a great time to start looking at Light on Life by BKS Iyengar- one of the resources used in the program. Start reading!

The format will be five 5-day segments spread from April to July, with the last two segments of Teacher Training separated by a one day break.

Sessions will typically start at 7pm on the first day- you will gather to set intention, greet each other, and set a firm foundation for the learning to follow. The following 4 days will be full days- typically 8-5:30pm. The two hour 8-10am morning yoga practice sessions will be open to the public as a Progression Session, and the rest of each day is focused on the students who have entered this intensive program. The final day will end with a group meal at noon to celebrate your learning, transformation, and success in the program. See more details below re structure of the program.

April 7-11 Friday evening to Tuesday 6pm
May 5-9 Friday evening to Tuesday 6pm
June 2-6 Friday evening to Tuesday 6pm July 6-10 Thursday evening to Monday 6pm- Tuesday off- then Wednesday all day to Sunday noon
July 12-16 Complete all 5 modules to complete your 200 hour teacher training

15 years, Todd Inouye has studied and built community in love with the positive transforming benefits of yoga. He was owner and director of Yogapod in North Vancouver and currently leads yoga teacher trainings, and empowering workshops. A Wanderlust Festival presenter, a Design creative director, pretty darn good cook, husband and papa of 3 (not in order of importance) you could say he leads a busy modern life. He has accrued over 17 years and over 2000 hrs of certified study in several traditions including Anusara, Hot, Vinyasa / Power, Yin, Mindful Meditation. His understanding of the practice woven with Buddhist + Hindu Tantric principals and light sense of humour make his classes accessible, challenging, whimsical and incredibly heart-inspiring. Todd is the current director of Sri-Life a conscious lifestyle company dedicated to teaching yoga + dharma to generate positively incredible things. That includes individuals, communities, products and companies.

Guest teacher Lila Rasa Brown will join the training in July, offering her expertise from the world of Anusara yoga.

Most of the training will be held at St Andrew’s in the Square, with additional time being spent at the Yoga Loft.

For a full explanation of the Program costs, including one time payment and payment plan options, early bird rates, refund policy, and list of resources PLEASE CLICK HERE

The program consists of 3 “Immersions” followed by a 2 part Teacher Training segment.

3 Part Yoga Immersion

In separate single modules or as a whole 3 part progression, this dynamic Yoga Studies Immersion will lead students on a empowering journey of self discovery through exploration of mind / body connection. Complimented with yoga philosophic principals, the course is well rounded as an introduction to incredible practices and life affirming direction of the Yoga tradition.

Meeting for 5 days per month over 3 months, each session has been designed to enable intimate knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology from the lens of the Yoga tradition. A matrix of the body in optimal blueprint will be deeply taught and understood while expanding upon the rich dharma and incredible history of yoga.

The philosophical underpinnings of the Yoga Tradition as presented in this course are non-sectarian and will be presented in such manner as to embrace and embody all faiths. It does ask that you come open minded and respectful of other traditions and be willing to objectively discuss, ask questions and explore ideas of spirit.

Further goal of the 3 part series is to enable and empower each individual with a deep visceral understanding of what hatha yoga does to maintain, therapeutically heal, and manifest greater health, happiness and positive generating possibility.

Completion of this 3 part immersion is prerequisite to the last 2 part Teacher Training Modules where further refinement of skills will prepare graduates to teach entry level Yoga Classes (See below)

Immersion I: April 7th – 11th
Initiations, Anatomy, Alignment Principals Prerequisite Reading: Light on Life. BKS Iyengar, Immersion Manual

Immersion II: May 5th – 9th
History, Refining Alignment, Developing Mindfulness and Awareness Prerequisite Reading: the Bhagvad Gita. Translation of Choice, Immersion Manual

Immersion III: June 2rd – 6th
Philosophy, Kinesiology, Energetic Anatomy, Devotion Prerequisite
Reading: the Deeper Dimension of Yoga, Immersion Manual

Links to sign up for the Yoga Immersion – if you choose to do only the Immersions- will be provided once your application has been approved.

200 Hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training

Having completed the 3 Part In-Depth Yoga Immersions, the 2-part Teacher Training will learn additional necessary elements to refine personal understandings so that cuing of asana for beginner and all level hatha yoga classes becomes more clear and systematic.

The program will review techniques in systemizing alignment principals, verbalizing, sequencing, and will encourage continued refinement into subtle realms of the energetic body.
Short practicums will be introduced towards the end of the training followed by one on one meetings with the lead teacher reviewing insights, strengths and where continued focus can be directed to increase teaching most effectively.

The course will also cover the “Seat of the Teacher” reviewing responsibility, expectation, code of ethics and possibilities within the modern business of Yoga.
Complementary to the pragmatics of teaching, students will study the energetic body, refine advanced breath technique (pranayama) and explore the benefits of mantra and meditation.

Completion and graduation of all 5 modules (In-depth Immersion and Teacher Training) will meet minimum requirements for personal registration to Yoga Alliance for the Yogapod/Sri Life 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Teacher Training I: July 6th – 10th
Teacher Training II: July 12th – 16th

Prerequisite Reading: Teacher Training Manual, Teacher Training Guide Book

Links to sign up for the Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training will be provided once your application has been approved.

Early Morning Progression Sessions

Interested in much deeper inquiry? Join us for dedicated and deeply enriching 8-10 AM practices that start the day for all Yoga Trainees. The morning classes are an incredibly rich and energetic way to start the day while taking an inquisitive look through the lens of a yoga immersion / teacher training.

The classes can be taken as drop-ins, but are best assimilated as a 4 day commitment as the classes are lead progressively.

Progression Session I: April 8th – 11th
Progression Session II: May 6th – 9th
Progression Session III: June 3th – 6th
Progression Session 4: July 7th-10th

To Register for any or all of the Progression Sessions check back in the early new year for the registration link (early bird rate til Feb 14!)
Students will receive free yoga classes at No Limits Hot Yoga & The Yoga Loft during their training
Students will have a chance to WIN a 6 month unlimited Yoga pass at No Limits Hot Yoga & The yoga Loft.

Teacher Todd Iniuye

Guest Teacher  Lila Rasa Brown
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