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Our friendly staff offers personal training and daily fitness classes to help you reach your health goals and answer whatever questions you may have. We have ample free parking and offer complimentary Wi-Fi. We guarantee that we have everything you need to make your workout as good as it gets.


Maria Maywood/Owner

Maria Maywood
Personal trainer, XCAMP & Femsport training instructor, Femsport bodybuilding competitions champion 
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Lisa Watson/Owner

Lisa Watson
Canfit Pro certified personal trainer, Yoga Alliance certified  200 hour RYT yoga instructor, Canfit Pro certified kickboxing instructor, Certified pole fitness instructor (Canadian Pole Fitness Association) 
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Angie Olson

Angie Olson
Certified personal trainer, Pole fitness instructor and kickboxing instructor 
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I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and moved to BC in 2008 where I began my fitness journey. 
After a few years of learning and practicing pole fitness, I became a certified pole fitness instructor in 2011 and immediately started teaching. I have been teaching at No Limits Fitness since April 2014. 
Pole Fitness is not my only passion, I also teach all styles of boot camps. 
In April of 2014, I became a certified kickboxing instructor. Although this is new, I have incorporated Kickboxing into my programs and workouts. 
In August 2014, I became a certified personal trainer and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in the fitness world. 

I have a Love and Passion for helping people and Personal Training has allowed me to follow that passion. I have been a Personal Trainer at No Limits Fitness since they opened and since then I have diversified my passion by entering the world of Mindset and Nutrition. These have allowed me to guide people even further into their health and fitness goals. I am constantly growing in my field and look forward to helping as many people as I can.

Darren Maywood/Owner

Darren Maywood
Certified personal trainer and coach 
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Barry Schultz

Barry Schultz
Certified personal trainer - Bachelor degree in Physical Education (U.B.C.) and Certified coach 
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Dayana Rescigno Ziesman

Dayana Rescigno Ziesman
Certified Zumba Instructor, Certified Spin Instructor, Certified Fitness Instructor, CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer
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Amber Archibald

Dayana Rescigno Ziesman
Certified Group Fitness instructor, Certified Aqua Fit Instructor and Certified Pole Fitness Instructor
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James Sutherland

Dayana Rescigno Ziesman
Canfitpro Certified Personal Training Specialist
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I have extensive coaching experience in the Kamloops area, having coached football from ages 7-22, for over 16 years and soccer for the past three years.

Helping people to grow and develop and in turn impacting myself in the same manner, is a passion that I have decided to pursue.

My years of coaching experience taught me that every person needs to be coached and motivated differently, and how to recognize key factors in determining how to do exactly that.

I am looking forward to applying this to Personal Training, individualizing programs and experiences to help each of you reach your goals and discover your own passions. 

Tommy Sek

Dayana Rescigno Ziesman
 CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist
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For the most part I was a pretty active kid. I loved to run and participate in sports, up until I turned 15. At the time I had landed my first job- a fast food job, and food on shift was free. I was able to eat junk and processed foods to my heart's content. This was compounded with my love for sitting at the computer and playing video games. I sat improperly for ages, leading to kyphosis- upper back rounding. I gained over 90lbs of weight from sheer overeating, and never being satiated by my meals. At my peak I was over 240lbs. As you can imagine, I became pretty insecure. 

 My fitness journey began when I was 17, I was in grade 12 my senior year. I made the simple choice to cut out all junk/processed foods/soft drinks. Drink more water and eat much more nutritionally dense foods. When my diet was down pat, I then began strength training in the weightlifting room at school and doing cardio. I trained five times a week, and within 5 months I had dropped over 70lbs through sheer dedication and determination. The journey was arduous and it was full of puke, and sweat. There were so many days when that alarm clock went off and I didn't want to get up. Not because I was lazy, but because I was so sore! Along the way, I had picked up something most find hard to come by- discipline. Not only did I notice how strong I was getting, I noticed how much weightlifting had changed me. Not only was my posture fixed immediately, but my confidence was boosted immensely. Weightlifting had reinforced me; not only through body- but in mind as well. I had finally achieved what I had envisioned for so long. A healthier and superior version of myself. 

Training has since become more than just a hobby/past time for me. It is my passion, and because of it; I am now a CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist. 

I am super excited to say I am now in a position that can help, and make an impact on someone's fitness journey. Through personalizing programming, I will make sure you reach your goals, and have fun whilst doing so! 

Lorraine Korobanok

Dayana Rescigno Ziesman
Personal Trainer
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I have been instructing in one form or another for over 23 years, and am so pleased to now be doing so in the fitness industry! I love all kinds of physical fitness, whether it’s playing sports, engaging in outdoor activities or training in the gym, which I’ve been doing for 14 years.  

As a retired school teacher, I know the importance of keeping you engaged. So as a personal trainer, I incorporate a wide variety of exercises, types of movements and training styles in order to keep you interested, and your workouts fresh and effective.
If you want a taste of my style, come and attend one of my Bootcamps – it’s sure to keep you on your toes!

I have always enjoyed working with youth and young adults, but as one of the oldest trainers here at No Limits Fitness, I feel I’m also a good fit for those who are “getting on in years”. Since hitting my mid-forties, I am keenly aware of the aches and stiffness that comes with age. I can show you how to develop the strength, stamina and flexibility you need to minimize such pains/stiffness, minimize your risk of injury and help you look and feel great – whatever your age!  

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